The CRM built for raising capital

Efficient, not overwhelming. Effortlessly consolidate your capital raising data, teams, and investors on a single CRM platform tailored for your fundraising needs. Capitaly grows in tandem with your business objectives.

Capitaly helps ambitious founders raise with confidence

Designed to fit startups at every stage

Capitaly - Meet an Investor in 24 hours

Met an Investor in 24 hours

We helped a veteran experieced founder in collaboration and future of work space to meet a startup investor only in 24 hours! Speed is our speciality. They also could get into Techstars L.A. program leveraging Capitaly relationships.

Capitaly - Met an Investor in 24 hours
Capitaly - $200K Capital Investment in 1 Week

$200K Capital Investment in 1 Week

We helped a SaaS marketplace to secure a soft commitment of $200K in capital ONLY in 1 week by referring the founder to our network of investors.

Capitaly - $200K Capital Investment in 1 Week
Capitaly - 6 Investor Meetings in 30 days

6 Investor Meetings in 30 days

We helped a SaaS business to meet 5 investors only in 30 days. They also got soft commitment of $100k from an angel syndicate.

Capitaly - Make Your Startup Investment-Ready

Make Your Startup Investment-Ready

We work with the founders to make their startup, investment-ready. Working on your pitch deck, pitch strategy, cold outreach, content that attract investors, makeing introductions to investors and to get you up to speed in capital raising journey. Why? Because raising capital never ends.

How Capitaly works?

Setup an account

Ready to start your fundraising journey? Sign up for our CRM and get organized, track your progress, and reach your goals faster. Need some guidance? Our consultants are here to help. Connect with them for personalized support and take your fundraising to the next level.

Capitaly - Getting started with the platform is easy

Research and identify potential investors

Are you looking to raise capital for your business but not sure where to start? Our powerful AI-powered tool can help. With our tool, you can easily research investors and get personalized recommendations based on your business needs and goals. You can also use it to track your progress and stay organized throughout your fundraising journey. Plus, with our built-in AI, you'll have access to expert assistance and guidance to increase your chances of success. Don't waste any more time trying to navigate the fundraising process on your own. Sign up for our tool and get the support you need to reach your goals faster.

Capitaly - uses ai for recommendation and segmentation. stop doing manual work

Connect with Investors

Maximize your chances of success connecting with Investors. Meet with investors from anywhere and take control of your fundraising journey. Don't let geography hold you back. Sign up now and start building relationships with top investors."

Capitaly - our founders get to investor meetings and term sheets 3X times faster than the average

Why Capitaly is the best starting point to raise capital?

Connect to VCs & Investors faster

Connect with top VC firms in the US and globally. Learn about their investment focus and strategy and get the chance to pitch your startup with a warm intro.

Capitaly - get warm intros to investors

Lead-gen CRM

helping businesses track, organize, and manage their potential investor leads and communications in order to efficiently and effectively raise capital.

Capitaly helps you to get organised in your fundraising process

Deal Room

Upload pitch decks, data room files, legal and finance documents and share them with investors with military level security and encryption algorithm.

Capitaly - provides file storage and security you need to share your documents with investors


Streamline your investor communications with our customizable templates. Get the tools you need to effectively communicate your business vision and potential.

Capitaly - has built in templates to help you get started in fundraising

Integrations and Automations

Simplify your fundraising process with our powerful integrations and enjoy the experience and flexibility it provides to your daily work.

Capitaly - integrates to other tools and platform so  that you can focus on what matters

Growing list of integrations

Capitaly and Zapier integration
Capitaly and Trello Integration
Capitaly and Airtable Integration
Capitaly and Segment Integration
Capitaly and Google Sheets Integration
Capitaly and Notion Integration
Capitaly and Zoom Integration
Capitaly and Slack Integration
Capitaly and Email Integration
Capitaly and Google Drive Integration
Capitaly and Dropbox Integration
Capitaly and Hubspot Integration

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